Alchemy Guy

released by Laguna_999 and Thunraz on Saturday, September 23, 2017

AlakaJam: Alchemy

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Alchemy Guy


This game was developed in unity. Due to recent events we have decided to take it down

Gather different ingredients by using your Crossbow/Sickle and create the recipes on the altar. That's what alchemy guys do. Controls are like any shooter: WASD/Arrows to move, Mouse to look, Shift to run, LMB to attack(gather) You can find info about how many shots in the crossbow you have in the bottom of the screen, as well as what your next alchemy recipe is and how many ingredients you have.

Alchemy Guy is a game that has been created for #alakajam in September 2017. All content was created originally during the jam, unless the soundeffects, which have been taken from freesounds and have been credited in the menu.

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