Aquatic Beast Force

released by Thunraz on Saturday, September 13, 2014

Seek and destroy your enemies!

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Aquatic Beast Force


Fly through the desert and destroy the enemy tanks. Move using the arrow keys and shoot with the space bar.

I've developed the game using HTML5, JavaScript and some CSS. The tools I used were Aseprite for the graphics, JSFXR for the sound and Sublime Text for the code. Aquatic Beast Force was my entry for the js13kgames competition in which you have to build a game in 13 kB or less including assets. The game is just about 8.5 kB in size. The timeframe for this project was one month. The game looks best in Chrome 38+. Every other tested browser blurs either the game or the logo or both.

Minimum browser requirements: Chrome 34+ Firefox 30+ Opera 23+ IE9+ (albeit no sound)

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