released by Laguna_999 on Sunday, September 30, 2007

A real old one. Puzzle with colorful balls

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This is my first finished Project. Being created in 2007 this small puzzle game is all about placing balls on a grid. If there are enough balls of the same color near each other (lines of three, or four, horizontally, vertically or diagonally) they will disappear and reward you with points.

For complexity some random balls spawn each move. The Game ends when you have no space left to place more balls.

This project was written using c++ and SDL during several weeks (something less than a month). For programming I used MS Visual Studio 2003, for graphics I used blender to create simple spheres, made a render for that and colored it using MS paint and irfanview. Dodge would say: "such low level".

The download is a win32 build. If you use windows 7/8 or higher, the game will most likely not work on your machine. I am sorry for that. Since i did not use version control for this project, there is no way to build the game again, since the source code is lost.