Body Count

released by Laguna_999 on Sunday, October 06, 2013

Devmaina 2013: Refugee accident - save the migrants

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Body Count


In Oct 2013 there was a great refugee accident near Lampedusa with more than 100 dead migrants. In this game you are in charge in one of the ships that were sent out to save the refugees.

This is my first Game written in C# (though i had some experience with the language from former industry projects) and was created within MS Visual Studio 2012 for the Devmania (the one German annual indie game developer meeting) Overnight Contest in October 2013. (please see additional links for more info). For graphics I used aseprite. Sound was created using LMMS as well as SFXR. There is a timelapse video for most of the 10 hours showing me iterating over and over.

The Game was created within a timeframe of about 10 hours. It offers several working gameplay mechanics (picking up refugees, fuel, controling the boat), a soundtrack, a small tutorial, as well as awesome pixelart-sprites for the intro.

Since there was only a limited amount of time and it was a German contest, the ingame language is German. This was also my first step for OneGameAMonth which i proudly follow until now.

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