Carpe Diem

released by Laguna_999 on Tuesday, January 01, 2013

A small open world puzzle game

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Carpe Diem


With only a limited amount of time you need to lift the curse set upon you. Multiple endings and a small open world are provided as well as different characters with one ore more quests. This game is meant to be played multiple times so you can put the pieces of the puzzle of your curse together (remember: losing is fun).

This story- and world-driven game was created using RPG-Maker XP in January 2013. You will need the RPG-Maker XP Run Time Package to run, please see the additional links. It embraces a replay-mechanic. Since you are unlikely to make it to the ending for the first time you will find out more and more about the world and your curse every time you play.

The Game uses graphics and sounds that come with the RPGMaker XP. The Timeframe for this was a little bit more than one month. All of the ingame language is german. I am sorry for this.

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