released by Laguna_999 on Saturday, October 03, 2015

1HGJ: Chain Reaction

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ChainSquares was created for #1HGJ24 within one hour and was my first real project in such a short time. 1HGJ (or if you have more time than 1h the "one hour game jam") is an amazing site which hosts a one hour game jam every saturday.

This Game is as easy as quick (and does not have an end condition nor a highscore) and a combination of tetris and four in a row. You drop down squares and if you have more than three in a row they vanish. Press [arrows] to move cursor. [space] to spawn a square. combine three or more squares horizontally to make them vanish.

There is a timelapse which you can find at the additional links which is kind of compelling and quick to watch.

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