Cobra Hunter

released by @laguna_999 and @thunraz on Sunday, July 19, 2015

Defeat the Golden Cobra gang

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Cobra Hunter


Defeat the Golden Cobra gang. You are an agent and your job is your life!

Cobra Hunter is a Miami Vice 1980s style arcade game that features thrilling race action, enemies, powerups as well as a full soundtrack. It was created within 72 hours for the Indies vs Gamers Jam on Gamejolt in June 2015. We used HaxeFlixel, Cubase, SFXR as well as Aseprite. Some sounds in the game were recorded from anonymous persons, wich was a lot of fun.

This is our first racing game. It features awesome skidmarks. Unfortunately my graphics card broke during development, but nevertheless the game managed to reach the finish line. Jupi Plays featured the game in one of her Jupi Plays Videos (see additional links).

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