released by Laguna_999 and ZoltanHaller on Sunday, January 11, 2015

A Game where you cure humans to make a business

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In cureator you mix ingredients to potions to cure patients, that come to you seeking help. This game was the cooperation of Simon "Laguna_999" Weis and Zoltan Haller.

Next to an intuitive and completely new gameplay mechanic of mixing potions, cureator offers some absolutely great retro graphics -- check the additional links for Zoltan's deviantart page -- a retro-vibe soundtrack as well as infinite number of levels, three difficulties and numerous monsters and illnesses to cure.

We offer two web versions (html5 and flash) as well as binary downloads for windows, mac and linux.

Cureator has been develpoped within one week in january 2014. HaxeFlixel was used for this, with Flashdevelop as an IDE. Music was created in Cubase 5.5 and soundeffects were done with sfxr.

The sourcecode is available and the link to the bitbucket repository can be found in the additional links.

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