Feed The Bunny

released by Laguna_999 on Sunday, October 04, 2009

About sweet bunnies and censorship

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Feed The Bunny


Another old one. This is from oktober 2009.

Sweet bunnies are allowed to do almost everything. If there wouldn't be censorship. Nevertheless you can try to beat the highscore by eating plants, finding xxx-mates and avoiding the dangerous lake and hunter!

Feed The Bunny was created for Devmania 2009 with the theme "censorship" in about 8 hours during the "Overnight Contest". Despite the crude time restrictions this game features a full tutorial and a highscore system.

Feed the bunny was written in c++ using visual Studio 2005 and SFML. Graphics were created by soyonlyn.

The download offered is a win32 build. So for windows 8 (or newer) you might not be able to run it. The ingame language is German. I am sorry for this. (though the game does not need that much language at all ;) )