Funky Trip

released by Laguna_999, Thunraz, xXBloodyOrangeXx, adkiem and aneira on Sunday, February 27, 2022

Alakajam: Fungi

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Funky Trip


Let me introduce you to Fungus Mc. Shroom

You can control him via WASD or arrow keys. With LShift you can dash. If you want to know more about your stats, you can check them via the C key.

Then there are those friendly Guiles guys.

Initially you are quite weak and easily hurt, so they will give you new spells. You will need to select the spell via the Spellbook “L”. Then you can trigger the spell via Q,E or Tab.

You don’t exactly know why but those crystals attack you. How dare they! Press "Space" to fight back!

You should fight back and kill their evil pink overlord crystal boss. Of course you can use your experience also to level up (check the “C”harsheet after you gathered some experience). What other wonders will you find in cakeworld?

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