Intelligent Design

released by Laguna_999 on Sunday, June 29, 2014

Have fun with a fully customizable world and tribe.

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Intelligent Design


This Project is more a tech demo than a finished game.

Shape a procedural created world with parameters for world-generation and place your tribe among others to see how they compete.

The world features a realistic day-night cycle and temperature simulation which determines the face of the world. With small adjustments you can create freezing ice worlds, blazing deserts or juicy grass planes. The simulation is based on physical phenomena.

Place your tribe within this world. You can tweak the specific properties and choose if you want a strong and aggressive type or a quick and lightweight. Let them compete against randomly generated tribes.

Besides the core mechanics for procedural World generation and time iterations (day-night cycle as well as weather), and a survival-mechanics for the tribes, this game offers a full orchestral soundtrack.

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