released by Laguna_999 and Thunraz on Friday, February 23, 2018

AKJ2: You can't see everything

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Let's play a round of InvisiMine with your friends -- this is a local couch multiplayer game, so you will need at least a player 2 sitting next to you. You can download the windows and mac version at gamejolt.

In InvisiMine each player controls a little robot which can drive around and throw mines. But the speciality of those robots is invisibility. After a few seconds they just disappear. This means you have to remember where everyone was and especially where you are. :)

Of course not even robots are invisible all the time. If you shoot or remotely detonate a mine, if you bump into a wall or if you pick up a powerup (increasing mine capacity, adding a shield, getting a mega detonator), you will be visible for a short time -- for you and for all other players.

The winner is the last player standing. And if that does not happen quick enough, there is a Sudden Death timer.

Controls (move, throw, detonate)

Keyboard 1: WASD, LShift, LCtrl

Keyboard 2: Arrows, K, L

GamePads(1-4): DPad, A, X