Koza i Babushka

released by laguna_999 and Dorstain on Friday, August 19, 2016

Granny on the search for her goat

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Koza i Babushka


It's a puzzle-platformer and it's about an Babushka and her Koza (which is old Lady and Goat in russian (we think, but no one of us speaks russian)).

One Day the magically gifted Babushka went outside to milk her goat, but the goat was gone. Now she has to make her way through the russian forest and use her abilities to find a way to get her back. But use them whisely, Babushka isn't as agile as she used to be and the forest is an dangerous place.

Technology used HaxeFlixel, notepad++, cygwin, Ogmo, speedcrunch, SmartTimelapse, Affinity Photo, Spriter Pro, Autodesk Sketch, Paint.NET (when Gimp crashed)

Help / Controls arrow keys or WASD, numbers 1 to 5 to pick an animal mask, 0 to put down all masks

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