Lords of Ice and Fire

released by @Laguna_999 on Friday, October 23, 2015

Devmania 2015. Theme: A winter's dream

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Lords of Ice and Fire


"Lords of Ice and Fire" is a Game two players at one PC. The goal is to rule over the icy landscape. Unfortunately there are other "Lords" which try to shoot you off your floe.

There is a periodic world, which means that projectiles fly in on the other side of the screen. Due to slow earth warming, ice floes slowly melt and get smaller.

Controls Player 0: WASD and TAB

Controls Player 1: Arrows and M

Lords of Ice and Fire has been created for the Devmania 2015 OverNightContest, Theme "A winter's dream". The game has been developed by @Laguna_999 using Aseprite, FLStudio, HaxeFlixel and FlashDevelop.

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