released by Adkiem and Laguna_999 on Sunday, July 02, 2023

Multiplayer Kajam 2023

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Introducing "Medibellum," an entertaining 2D pixelart autobattler that packs a punch despite being created in just one month for the thrilling 13th Kajam!

In the realm of Medibellum, you find yourself thrust into an ancient conflict between red team and blue team. As a valiant strategist, it's your duty to assemble an army of brave warriors and unleash their powerful might upon hordes of menacing enemies. But be warned, there are flanks!

The game combines the addictive mechanics of an autobattler with the charm of retro-inspired pixel art. With only a month of development time, Medibellum transports you to a nostalgic realm where your heroes come to life.

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