Nile River

released by Laguna_999 on Sunday, February 26, 2023

River management planning

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Nile River


The Pharaoh has demanded all cities to be connected to one river. However the gods of the rivers are in constant debate, so they can not touch the same position. (however they can cross diagonally via bridges)

Connect the new cities to the river sources before the source overflows. You can only connect neighbours.


Left Click to spawn/place connection Right Click to cancel building a connection M&U Mute&Umute audio Normally I join Alakajams in a bigger group, but this time I went completely solo. Thus the very basic graphics. Had some other things to do on the weekend, so gameplay might be a bit buggy in some places and som QoL features are missing.

Credits: Coding, Audio, Playtesting - Laguna

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