released by Laguna_999 and Thunraz on Monday, December 16, 2013

LD28: You only get one die.

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You only got on die. This is the basic rule for SchrotBeton. Every action is decided by a single D6 roll.

On your epic quest you hunt a goblin tribe and its master - the mighty headless goblin - throughout the country. Seek your revenge!

Schrotbeton offers a decent battlesystem, as well as a really nice system for items (up to 1111 unique items can be randomly generated) and a epic story with multiple quests, a retro graphic style as well as a retro soundtrack.

The Game was created for Ludum Dare #29 "you only get one" in December 2013. The development time was 72 hours.

The offered Download is the updated post-jam/post-compo version, that offers better usability, as well as some convenience functions and of course a lot more juice.

Controls: WASD or arrows for movement

Space: attack

LCtrl: block

LShift: spell

L: Quest log

E: Pickup/interact(houses)

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