Space Tanks

released by Fleischkind, Thunraz and Laguna_999 on Sunday, May 03, 2015

Space marines did not work, so we tried space tanks.

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Space Tanks


Space Tanks: Tanks in Space is a fast paced arcade game, where you must shoot tanks in space (in the orbit around spaceships) so they can destroy the ships.

Theme: A strategy game where you conquer spaceships with tanks.

controls: AD/Arrows to aim. Space (hold) to shoot. Buttons on the right build towers, towers can be upgraded on click.

The game was developed within the 48 hours of the ZFX-Action 7 and was voted for the first place (see additional links for all great ZFX7 Games). Laguna and Fleischkind worked on code, Thunraz did the most amazing job with graphics. Sound and Music by Laguna.

The tools used were HaxeFlixel and Flashdevelop, as well as Cubase 5 and SFXR. Some sound effects have been recorded from anonymous persons.

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