Space Turtles

released by Laguna_999, Thunraz and xXBloodyOrange on Friday, June 04, 2021

Multiplayer Kajam 2021

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Space Turtles


Gameplay This is a classic SHMUP with up to 8 players. HP on left side, Score on the right side. When the score reaches the maximum, you reach the next stage. Enemies get stronger with increasing score. There are three types of powerups.

Setup Instructions play locally set ip to "" in config.json set any ports in config.json start server once start client play remotely Server needs to forward the upd port "server port" from config.json Server needs to know it's ip, use i.e. this or that website client needs to set correct server port and server ip in config.json client needs to set any (free) client port in cofig.json client starts client server start server

Controls WASD to move SPACE to shoot M to mute music/SFX

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