Thyl's Tale

released by Thunraz, xXBloodyOrange, KaramBharj and Laguna_999 on Sunday, September 02, 2018

5th Kajam: Retro

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Thyl's Tale


Thyl's Tale is a story about the young Thyl, who meets the beautiful and mysterious clairvoyant Annesa. She asks him to go on an epic journey to search for a lost artifact in ancient ruins. Many dangers await Thyl on his journey. But weapons and armor of great power can be bought to help him on his journey.

WASD/Arrows - Move X - Attack / Interact C - Dash Q - Bow F - Stats

Aurvandil: Music BloodyOrange: Graphics Thunraz: Graphics & Code Laguna: Code

Thyl's Tale was created for the 5th Kajam during August 2018. We worked roughly 2 weeks on project.

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