released by Laguna_999 on Monday, September 29, 2014

Every time you make a typo the errorists win

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Errorists from all sides walk towards you. Type in their names as fast as you can (and preferably with correct spelling) to make them vanish.

Typo offers a full soundtrack, some animated retro graphics and soundeffects as well as three difficulty levels. This solo-project game was created in September 2014 for #1GAM. The development time for this project is about one month.

For creation i used C# and Visual Studio 2013 with Monogame. For graphics i used aseprite and for sound as always Cubase 5.5 and SFXR.

This was the first time I tried Monogame as a framework. Please see the additional links for a description. They also include a timelapse video on youtube that shows the creation process of the game as well as the repository on bitbucket.

Since this project incorporates a lot of typing, input buffering is very important. Unfortunately Monogame does not offer any input event system, so I had to create an input system on my own, which took some iterations until i was happy with the result.

Additional Links

Typo on itch.io