Yet Another Tower Defence Game

released by @Laguna_999 and @Thunraz on Saturday, October 18, 2014

ZFX-Action 5 Place 1

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Yet Another Tower Defence Game


For the ZFX-Action 5 we thought about a Tower Defence game where you have to stop prison breaks. We made it for the first place! Thank you for voting!

You take over the role of a jailer, who is called to stop a prison break from the "cells". With waterguns, batons, and handcuffs you have to fight the prisoners back into their cells. There are four different towers and three superpowers to beat the two levels. On top of that there is a full, epic soundtrack and nice retro graphics.

The ZFX-Action is a small online gamejam (one weekend), organized by the members of the ZFX gamedev forum. See the additional links for more info about the zfx-action contest.

The game was written in C# using SFML.NET and Visual Studio 2013. Graphics were created with aseprite, sound as usual in Cubase 5.5 and SFXR.

The game was written within the 48 hours of the contest. There is also a timelapse video available on youtube that is given in the additional links.

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