Crunching GameDev

As I take part in One Game A Month (#1GAM on Twitter) I create a (more or less) small game every month. Since I have been traveling around, working on my PHD, I totally missed the September deadline. Up until yesterday evening, the last day of September.

So I crunched and pushed a little tech demo out within one hour.


What you see is a 2D FTCS integrator. This is a numerical construct that computes the stable time evolution of a partial differential equation, in this case the heat equation. Yes, I tutored a university course about this topic.

As it was quite boring to watch the initial peak decay I added some timed random scatter noise in the last ten minutes.

For normal human beings

Imagine the map as a heat map, e.g. the heat in your room viewed from above. Blue means cold, red means hot. As you would expect any heat will spread out through the room. The walls are cold and will take any amount of heat. That is why you need to turn on your radiators during winter.

If you are interested in the source code behind this, please feel free to check it out or comment.

As I kind of liked working with extreme time constraints there will probably be some more 1h demos in the future.