ABF, Ludum Dare and quo vadis

Here's a quick status update on Aquatic Beast Force. We are working hard on making it even more fun. Game pad support as well as a coop mode for two players has been added as well as a lot of minor updates, changes, bugfixes and balancing issues. Next on the list are big boss battles, more enemies, levels and pickups and a input selection screen.

Next weekend there's Ludum Dare (LD) happening in its 32nd iteration. We are really excited about this since we will not only create a game within a very limited time frame like everyone else but we will also be featured in an article on Superlevel. Sebastian Standke writes portraits of some developers that take part in LD. Yesterday we had a really nice photo shoot. Expect some really serious (hehe) images soon.

After LD we will continue to work on ABF but we will also conquer new projects probably checking out the recently released Unity 5. But I'm interested in doing some projects using C++ since I am currently teaching a lecture on numerics this semester which is done in C++.

The web site will also be updated sooner or later. We want to add a comment function to news entries and games. And maybe the design will get an overhaul and step back a bit from the basic Bootstrap template.